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As the first 50 Years of the 20th century slipped by, Professional women wrestlers emerged from being freaks who frequently barnstormed at county fairs and battled similar sized males for a chance to win enough money to earn eating and sleeping money during their long trips. In the early 50's Billy Wolfe legitimized these girls as well trained vicious vixens who fought each other tooth and nail in an era called "The Golden Age". June Byers, Nell Stewart, Mae Weston and Violet Viann were major stars of Wolfe's stable and the bouts were often brutal, lengthy, and scientific as women's wrestling grew in popularity.

The great Mildred Burke and Billy Wolfe were now divorced and as the 60's were upon us, younger and more beautiful warriors replaced the "Golden Age" women. Sue Sexton, the wily Australian, Debby Combs, Vivian Vachon, Marie LaVerne, Jessica Rogers, Ida Mae Martinez, Penny Banner and Kay Noble became the next group of stars as they were faster and more technical in this era up to the 70's. In the 70's the Japanese had learned their trade well and became the most talented women to ever step over the ropes. American girls went to Japan in droves to earn big money, but the skillful Japs sent many of the U.S. girls back to the States with broken limbs and crushed egos. The Americans soon deserted Oriental rings in order to save their bodies and only a brave few continued on trips to Japan.

The 80's & 90's saw the women headquartered in Las Vegas and beauty became the most sought after attribute, leaving the actual wrestling to diminish into a secondary posture. Unscrupulous promoters cheated the girls out of money and dreams were never realized as the girls gave a good showing, still lacking in the intensity of the 50's & 60's. Many an amateur challenged the pros in the past fifteen Years as Christine DuPree, Belle, Kristi E, Hollywood and many other gorgeous and athletic women met the Pros in all kinds of action as they became Pros themselves. These fights are amongst the best we've ever seen as these latter girls have become skillful Pros in their own right. has the largest library of the last 50 Years of female fighting. Our digital tapes and DVD's capture all of the action in this history of furious females that can only be seen by our customers.

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