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Vintage 50ís &, 60ís #VA-50-14

Vintage Professional Womenís Wrestling
1. Laura Del Rio Vs Jane OíBrien (Black Suit) 2. Sandy Partlow (Black Bikini) Vs Cheryl Day 3. Casey Carr (Orange Suit) Vs Cheryl Day

Download: VA-50-14-03
 Video/DVD: Vintage 50ís &, 60ís  #VA-50-14

3 Pro Girls Matches

Another silent 8mm film digital transfer of Mildred Burkeís films of the 50ís, 60ís & 70ís. Millie knew what men wanted and had pretty blonde Lynn Black battle Cheryl Day in lingerie in an apartment house match. Also we see here Rhonda Singh in two early matches with Marlene and then Cheryl Day. Millie trained Rhonda, sent her to Japan where she became ďMonster RipperĒ to the Japs and Rhonda stayed in the Orient for almost her entire career....More about Vintage 50ís &, 60ís  #VA-50-14


Vintage 50ís, 60ís & 70's #VA-50-11

Classic Professional Women's Wrestling
1. Laura Del Rio Vs War Star (White Boots) 2. Diane Flanagan (Black Suit) Vs Sandy Starr 3. War Star (White Suit) Vs Jackie West

Download: VA-50-11-04
 Video/DVD: Vintage 50ís, 60ís & 70s #VA-50-11

More classic professional women's wrestling silent film transfers from the Mildred Burke era. Mildred was responsible for the first invasion by many American pro girls onto Japanese shores. On this tape youíll see Natasha, Cheryl Day, Sylvia Hackney, Jackie West, Sherri Lee and Sandy Starr, all of whom challenged the Women Warriors of the Orient in the 60s & 70s. There are some vicious battles on this tape--and even though they had no sound equipment, you can see the banging, punching, and dro...More about Vintage 50ís, 60ís & 70's #VA-50-11


Steel Trap

2 -on-1 Pro-Am Female Domination Wrestling
Hollywood & Sandy vs. Santana
HQ Download

Download: SK-166-01
 Video/DVD: Steel Trap

Two busty beautiful babes attack Santana when her partner fails to arrive for a pro-am female wrestling team match. Each voluptuous blonde takes turns smashing the life out of the Latina diva's frame. Then the two blondes pounce on Santana as one, delivering mortal blows to the head, savage groin stomps, and shuddering belly punches and kicks. This female domination wrestling slaughter ends with a lifeless brunette motionless on the mat and racked with pain!...More about Steel Trap


Man Eaters

Pro Style Mixed Wrestling
Sandy vs. Scott
HQ Download

Download: SK-159-02
 Video/DVD: Man Eaters

Busty Sandy, battles a larger male in a competitive and very sexy pro style mixed wrestling apartment bout. Boiling tempers, painful holds and screams of anguish fill the room as these two fight hard to a decisive finish....More about Man Eaters


Oil Change

Mixed Oil Wrestling - Tag Team
Hollywood & Sandy vs. Chuck & Tony
HQ Download

Download: sk-167-01
 Video/DVD: Oil Change

Itís a tag team format for this glistening mixed wrestling oil match as Hollywood and Sandy take on Chuck and Tony in a two out of three fall melee. The girls start in skimpy swimsuits, change to transparent cut-off tees for fall two, and then they bring out the lingerie for the final fall. The two beauties shimmer, as their sexy bodies are made even lovelier by the slippery oil. Their attack on the two guys is by no means merciful. The women are wild and Hollywood ends the first fall by face si...More about Oil Change


Vintage 50's, 60's & 70's #VA-50-9

1 Mud Wrestling & 2 Classic Women's Wrestling Matches
1. Sandy Partlow (Yellow Suit) vs Wendy Burke 2. Laura Del Rio (Long Hair) vs Panama Framco (Mud Wrestling) 3. Lena Blair (In Red) vs Nancy Tudor (Shot in Hawaii)

Download: va-50-9-01
 Video/DVD: Vintage 50s, 60s & 70s  #VA-50-9

Mildered Burke or "Millie", was busy from the middle 60s through the 70s, and was the sole producer of 8mm films using professional girls in her own ring and in mud wrestling. She imported girls from Japan, England, and Mexico and even matched them several times in Hawaiian rings. This digitalized tape of 8mm film transfers has no sound but lots of action! A great look at classic women's wrestling!...More about Vintage 50's, 60's & 70's  #VA-50-9


Champion Tag Team

Female Wrestling, Tag Team
Hollywood, Pam Manning, D.J., Leigh, Shelly, Dylann, Michelle
HQ Download

Download: CVP-06-01
 Video/DVD: Champion Tag Team

Three female wrestling tag teams vying for the championship in amateur female wrestling! Two super blondes, Hollywood and Pam Manning, battle Leigh and voluptuous DJ. Corner post torture abounds until one team flattens their victims in a ten count ending. Shelly and Dylan take on the winners--and as a wild melee begins, the third team enters the ring and all six girls are battling at once. One team emerges victorious, but their battered bodies make them appear to be losers! A new tag team champ...More about Champion Tag Team


Vintage Womenís Professional Wrestling VA-70-23

Vintage Womenís Professional Wrestling from the late 80ís and early 90ís
Match #1 - Penelope Paradise vs. Malia Hosaka Match #2 - Baby Face Nellie vs. Jackie Moore Match #3 - Sandy Partlow vs. Candi Devine Match #4 - Penny Mitchell vs. Velvet McIntyre

Download: va-70-23-01
 Video/DVD: Vintage Womenís Professional Wrestling VA-70-23

Get ringside with the Stars of Vintage Professional Womenís Wrestling! See Penelope Paradise, Malia, Candi Devine, Jackie Moore, Lisa Starr, Peggy Lee Leather and more, in Pro Girl Matches! Serious Pro Wrestling, Serious Action! 6 Girl Matches!...More about Vintage Womenís Professional Wrestling VA-70-23


Vintage 70ís, 80ís & 90ís Ė Tape VA70-12

Vintage Professional Womenís Wrestling
1. Candi Devine, Bambi, Peggy Lee Leather, Penelope Paradise, Penny Mitchell, Baby Face Nellie, Olympia, Lisa Starr, Sandy Partlow, Malia Hosaka, Jackie Moore, Ondi Austin, Velvet McIntyre, Denise Storm, and Lady Justice 2. Judy Martin Vs Tina Moretti 3. Reggie Bennett Vs Denise Storm 4. Terri Power Vs LeLani Kai 5. Malia Hosaka Vs Despina Montages

Download: va-70-12-01
 Video/DVD: Vintage 70ís, 80ís & 90ís Ė Tape VA70-12

This vintage professional womenís wrestling tape starts with a wild 15 girl Battle Royal in which 14 of the ladies go up and over the top rope and are eliminated. All of your favorite girls are on this video, showcasing all the glamour and hot action that brought womenís wrestling back into the sports scene from the middle 70s to the early 90s....More about Vintage 70ís, 80ís & 90ís Ė Tape VA70-12


Mixed Competition

Mixed Wrestling
Sandy Vs. Rick w/Referee Hollywood
HQ Download

Download: SK-118-01
 Video/DVD: Mixed Competition

Mixed wrestling melee at its best! Featuring the bountiful Sandy, this mixed match rages back and forth with the intense velocity. Holds are exchanged by these two evenly match opponents: everything from airplane spins to arm stretches, nelsons & chinlocks, crushing scissorholds to pounding keester bumps! Has this dynamic female wrestler finally met her match?...More about Mixed Competition

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Items Found: 13

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