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Ruff and Wild

Women’s Wrestling – Competitive
Cheyenne vs. Jade
HQ Download

Download: sk-311-01
 Video/DVD: Ruff and Wild

For the first time, Jade and Cheyenne meet in the ring for this women’s wrestling battle. Two of the roughest and toughest girls in the grappling business meet head on in a powerful and determined fight to the finish. Size for size and pound for pound they are evenly matched. Both are determined to be the superior fighter. Tight and smothering holds, body slams, arm bar drops, kicks, and punches fill the ring as each woman furiously fights for the win. The battle rages on and both women are as ...More about Ruff and Wild


Baby Doll Blues

Women’s Wrestling : Topless Domination
Cheyenne vs. Nicole O.
HQ Download

Download: sk-312-01
 Video/DVD: Baby Doll Blues

With long black hair and hot yellow bikini Nicole 0. meets the leopard print clad Cheyenne in this women's wrestling match. Nicole is no stranger to the ring and comes in with confidence. Cheyenne is powerful and is out to win at any cost. The match is fast and furious as they wear each other down. Cheyenne might be stronger, but Nicole 0. has got the ring experience. Bear hugs, legs locks, head locks, chokes, scissors, stomps and wild screaming echo in the ring. Lifts and slams turn to hair pu...More about Baby Doll Blues


Pro Boxing

Women's Boxing
Christine Vs. Diane B.

Streaming: FA-001-01
 Video/DVD: Pro Boxing

This full-contact women's boxing match is fought before a panel of judges and is very rough and tough. You’ll be at the edge of your seat watching this exciting and hard-fought battle as you witness each powerful punch! ...More about Pro Boxing


Boxing Bombshells

Women's Boxing
Leigh vs. Christy T.
HQ Download

Streaming: SK-68-01
 Video/DVD: Boxing Bombshells

This amateur women's boxing match begins with Leigh spinning the busty Christy completely around with a haymaker. But Christy is determined, and battles on until Leigh floors her in a later round. She rises and all hell breaks loose. A left hook floors one girl; she rises slowly and then is immediately knocked senseless flat on her back. The winner stands in triumph on her chest!...More about Boxing Bombshells


Recipe for Trouble

Mixed Wrestling
Shelly vs. Darnelle
HQ Download

Download: SK-232-02
 Video/DVD: Recipe for Trouble

Busty and an arrogant Shelly thinks she can whip Darnelle, but Darnelle is keen on her weaknesses. Exchanging turns for dominance, the ring turns into a war zone, and ends with a bruising Boston Crab!...More about Recipe for Trouble


Freestyle Valley Tudo Grappling

Women's Boxing
Christine vs. Athena
HQ Download

Streaming: SK-86-01
 Video/DVD: Freestyle Valley Tudo Grappling

Christina and Athena are tough and trained. What starts as a kick boxing match turns into a wild women's boxing brawl. Kicks and punches come from all angles, and these two tough and beautiful girls grapple to the mat. The match roars on, and one girl begins to tire. Eventually her spirit cannot overcome her fatigue and pain. An awesome display of power and courage!...More about Freestyle Valley Tudo Grappling

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Items Found: 6

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