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Cranked Up Kittens

Pro Style Domination
Mutiny vs. Brooke
HQ Download

Download: sk-305-01
 Video/DVD: Cranked Up Kittens

This Pro-am women’s Wrestling match features the statuesque Brooke, who has no idea what she is in for. The buxom beauty Mutiny is out to end Brookes’ wrestling career at the beginning. Brooke, adorned in a sexy blue thong back one piece, immediately gets in Mutiny’s devastating head lock followed by a breath taking bear hug. Mutiny has mastered her library of great holds and works Brooke over from head to toe, pillar to posts! Painful back breakers, pounding stomps, agonizing leg locks, figur...More about Cranked Up Kittens


Kitten Krunch

Female Domination Wrestling
Brooke vs. Jade
HQ Download

Download: sk-309-01
 Video/DVD: Kitten Krunch

Young Brooke in her pink bikini and pig tails, thinks its all fun and games until she meets the strong and beautiful Asian Jade, in this female wrestling domination match. Brooke surprises Jade with a swift and mean head lock take down. Jade gets up and tosses Brooke into the turnbuckle and delivers hard belly punches with steel hard heel kicks to the mid section. Jade is having a play day with the young Brooke and punishes her from head to toe. Brooke is really hurt! Slamming her all over the...More about Kitten Krunch


High Voltage

Female Wrestling – Competitive – 1 Topless
Brooke vs. Ariel
HQ Download

Download: sk-307-02
 Video/DVD: High Voltage

This female wrestling competition features the young beauty Brooke, and a fit and hard body Ariel. The match opens up with Brooke getting the upper hand, putting Ariel in a Boston Crab, which totally enrages the sexy female. She locks on to Brooke with her strong sexy legs, and delivers keester bumps. Brooke can’t escape as Ariel catches her in the ropes in a standing rear naked choke! Brooke has no idea what the enraged Ariel is capable of! Ariel slams Brooke and gets her in a standing head sc...More about High Voltage


Vintage 50's, 60's & 70's - VA-50-17

3 Pro Matches and 3 Tag Team Matches
1. Fabulous Moolah & Toni Rose vs. Kathy O’Day & Donna Christanello 2. Fabulous Moolah vs. Princess Little Cloud 3. Fabulous Moolah vs. Princess Little Cloud w/Men 4. Jean Antone (dark suit) vs. Ann Regan 5. Cora Combs vs. Karen Kellogg (blonde) 6. Fabulous Moolah & Toni Rose vs. Rita & Betty Boucher
HQ Download

Download: va-50-17-01
 Video/DVD: Vintage 50s, 60s & 70s - VA-50-17

This Tape is loaded with history and brings you back in time to the 1950’s and 1960’s, considered the “Golden Age of Women’s Wrestling”. This tape reads like a Who’s Who of American Gal Grappling. You’ll see a host of famous stars! Like the barefoot Ann Casey. These matches are all silent and some of the were filmed by spectators at ringside with B&W 8mm film to video. Preserved forever in our Steel Kittens Vintage archives, you'll love these re-touched classics that we deemed very important t...More about Vintage 50's, 60's & 70's - VA-50-17


Vintage 50's & 60's - Tape VA-50-16

1 Tag Team Match and 7 Pro Girl Matches
1. Nell Stewart and Betty Hawkins vs. Judy Glover and Ruth Walters (Silent) 2. Featuring Jan Sheriden (Silent) 3. Cora Combs vs. Judy Grable (Silent) 4. Nell Stewart vs. Carol Cook 5. May Weston vs. Nell Stewart 6. Featuring Nell Stewart 7. Nell Stewart vs. Gloria Baratina 8. Cora Combs vs. Nell Stewart (Silent)

Download: va-50-16-01
 Video/DVD: Vintage 50s & 60s - Tape VA-50-16

Take a trip down memory lane with this gathering of Ladies Vintage Wrestling. Featuring the most popular Lady Wrestlers of the day. From our private collection, these digitized matches are taken from 8mm film. Some are silent, all in B/W, and the action is superb! Also featured on this tape is a very unique video scrapbook with lots of great pictures and clippings from news events and more....More about Vintage 50's & 60's - Tape VA-50-16


VA50-6 - part 1

Classic Professional Women's Wrestling
1. Vivian Vachon (Brown Suit) & Betty Niccoli vs Jean Antone (White Top) & P. Drake 2. Jean Antone & Cathy McCoy (Blonde) vs Betty Niccoli (Polka Dots) & Kay Casey 3. Jean Antone (Red Suit) vs Candi Cane 4. Mary Jane Mull (Blonde) vs Princess Jasmine 5. Mary Jane Mull (Blonde) & Peggy Steele vs Princess Jasmine (Pink Suit) & Beulah Brown 6. Joyce Grable vs LeLani Kai (Barefoot)

Download: VA-50-6-01
 Video/DVD: VA50-6 - part 1

These silent film transfers of the stars of classic professional women's wrestling (first converted to Betamax and now digitalized) feature Jean Antone, Joyce Grable, Betty Niccoli, LeLani Kai, Debbie Combs, Moolah, Marie LaVerne, and many others. ...More about VA50-6 - part 1


Sister's Revenge

Female Wrestling Catfights: 3-Way
Charlie "Golden" Cat Vs. Amy & Jennifer
HQ Download

Download: SK-49B-01
 Video/DVD: Sisters Revenge

Cat a powerfully trained wrestler, takes on two girls at the same time in this brutal wrestling catfight. Amy is determined to settle her own affairs, and is violently angry at Cat for "butting in". Jennifer, Amy's best friend, is focused in ading her own kind of punishment. These two sexy felines attack with head scissors, pounding fists, and full nelsons, as well as throwing their combined weight to the fallen Cat. Does Cat finally make her point, or does the ungreatful Amy teach her "big s...More about Sister's Revenge


Female Wrestling

Pro-Amateur Female Wrestling
Belle vs. Charlie "Golden" Cat
HQ Download

Download: SK-25-02
 Video/DVD: Female Wrestling

The golden Cat attempts to overpower the incredible Belle in this hot pro-amateur female wrestling match. Powerful scissors, arm bars, pretzel holds, and face sitting are some of the viciously executed moves! Working on an already injured shoulder, one Steel Kitten is taken advantage of and mercilessly humiliated!...More about Female Wrestling 


Vintage 50’s & 60’s – Women's Wrestling, A50-D1

classic women’s wrestling matches
Betty Hawkins vs. Violet Vian / June Byers vs. Lilly Bitter

Download: A50-D1-1
 Video/DVD: Vintage 50’s & 60’s – Womens Wrestling, A50-D1

Betty Hawkins, the tough brunette beauty also known as the Atlanta Peach is ready for battle against the blonde bombshell Violet Vian. Then we have June Byers taking her toll on Lilly Bitter with some great rope tie ups! These classic women’s wrestling matches from the 50’s are filled with excellent moves and non-stop action! B/W, with narrations. These matches are only available on streaming video and for download. ...More about Vintage 50’s & 60’s – Women's Wrestling, A50-D1


VA50-5 - part 4

Classic Professional Women's Wrestling
(Silent Footage) 1. Terri Shane (Blonde) & Kay Noble vs Vicki Williams (Blonde) & Jean Antone 2. Vicki Williams & Joyce Grable vs Toni Rose & Donna Christanello 3. Toni Rose & Sylvia Hackney & Betty Niccoli vs Vicki Williams & Jean Antone & Brenda Hoffman 4. Sandy Parker & Betty Niccoli vs Jean Antone & Shapely Sharon Brooks

Download: VA-50-5-04
 Video/DVD: VA50-5 - part 4

...More about VA50-5 - part 4

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Items Found: 14

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