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Champion Boxing V.I

Women's Boxing
Pam Manning Vs. Leigh
HQ Download

Download: CVP-09-01
 Video/DVD: Champion Boxing V.I

The long-time amateur women’s boxing champion, Pam Manning, faces two challengers in this newest of fierce pugilistic programs to be put out by Champion Video Productions. Both non-stop matches go non-stop to decisive finishes!

In the first melee, blonde Pam Manning, outfitted in blue trunks, tries to tame newcomer Leigh, splendid in red shorts and gorgeous ebony tresses. Leigh is a gorgeous specimen, with taut body, strong legs, and a determination that shines from her tight set jaw ...More about Champion Boxing V.I


Hard Hitters

Women's Boxing
Pam Manning Vs. Quisha
HQ Download

Download: CVP-04-1
 Video/DVD: Hard Hitters

This bruising women's boxing battle contains no less than fourteen knockdowns--including a tremendous finish that has never been seen before in a girls' bout!...More about Hard Hitters


Manage De Twa De Tag

Amateur Female Wrestling: Tag Team
Shelly, Alysha & Robin vs. Monica, Sasha & Blondie

DVD Now Only: $19.95
 Video/DVD: Manage De Twa De Tag

A furious six girl tag amateur female wrestling battle features fighters who are equally violent and beautiful. Monica applies a full nelson to Shelly, who has some devastating tricks of her own. Robin is caught in an airplane spin--and soon enough, all six girls are in the ring. Three sweaty and beaten bodies soon lie on the mat in subjugated silence. A fast and furious tag team match!...More about Manage De Twa De Tag


Pumps In The Ring

Amateur Female Wrestling w/ Heels
Shelly Vs. Alysha

DVD Now Only: $19.95
 Video/DVD: Pumps In The Ring

Witness beautiful strong legs executing powerful scissors holds, stomping, and breast smashing--sporting stiletto pumps the entire time! Shelly takes advantage of her ample assets to inflict breath-taking smothering action on her victim. If you like your ladies buxom and beautiful, and wearing high heels, then this amateur female wrestling match is for you!!...More about Pumps In The Ring


Harley's Little Angels

Amateur Female Wrestling: 5 Way Tag Team
Raven, Hollywood Christine, Dina, Pam Manning
HQ Download

Download: CVP-05-01
 Video/DVD: Harleys Little Angels

The Hell's Angels and their biker broads arrive at the gym where the three tough biker girls are to meet two other girls for a female wrestling catfight. When the other two don't show, ebony haired Raven, outfitted in a black see-through teddy, jumps in the ring with blonde biker bitch Hollywood, who almost falls out of her two piece leather studded outfit. They savagely attack one another in a display of amateur female wrestling ferocity. Christina, Dina and finally Pam enter the fray. The batt...More about Harley's Little Angels


Champion Tag Team

Female Wrestling, Tag Team
Hollywood, Pam Manning, D.J., Leigh, Shelly, Dylann, Michelle
HQ Download

Download: CVP-06-01
 Video/DVD: Champion Tag Team

Three female wrestling tag teams vying for the championship in amateur female wrestling! Two super blondes, Hollywood and Pam Manning, battle Leigh and voluptuous DJ. Corner post torture abounds until one team flattens their victims in a ten count ending. Shelly and Dylan take on the winners--and as a wild melee begins, the third team enters the ring and all six girls are battling at once. One team emerges victorious, but their battered bodies make them appear to be losers! A new tag team champ...More about Champion Tag Team


Classic Professional Women's Wrestling VA-50-3

Classic Professional Women's Wrestling
1.Magnificent Mimi Vs Shirley Black 2. Magnificent Mimi Vs Candi Devine 3. Magnificent Mimi & Wendy Richter Vs Madusa Miceli & Lovely Sylvia 4. Jane O’Brien (Blonde) Vs War Star in “Shooting Match” 5. Marie LaVerne Vs Betty Nicolli (Short Hair) (Silent) 6. Vivian Vachon Vs Mars Monroe (Silent) 7. Vivian Vachon Vs Pam Drake (Silent) 8. Donna Christanello (Yellow Suit) Vs Kitty Adams (Silent) 9. Joyce Grable (White Suit) Vs Dottie Downs (Silent)

Download: VA-50-3-1-1
 Video/DVD: Classic Professional Womens Wrestling VA-50-3

This classic professional women's wrestling collection features matches from the Chase in St. Louis and the Chicago Amphitheater. These are rare films from the 60s, and then a few 70s & 80s matches thrown in with Magnificent Mimi, Wendi Richter and Madusa Miceli, among others. You’ll see the change of styles in a twenty year span as the girls continue to develop their brawling styles....More about Classic Professional Women's Wrestling VA-50-3


Power Punch Boxing

Women's Boxing
Pam Manning Vs. D.J.
HQ Download

Download: CVP-01
 Video/DVD: Power Punch Boxing

Attention fans of women’s boxing! Here's a fight between two talented veterans of the ring, both beautiful and determined to be number one! D.J. "Rockin Robin"enters the ring first, with a strong will to kick her opponent’s butt once and for all. But can she do it? The beautiful Pam Manning is speedy, agile and sly. Incredible fast jabs and devastating head shots echo through the gym as these two talents punch it out. Witness two sexy women pack a lot of power in their punches all the way to the...More about Power Punch Boxing


Seething Sisters

Amateur Female Wrestling
Pam vs. Salina
HQ Download

Download: SK-12-1
 Video/DVD: Seething Sisters

The ring is the battleground for a contest concerning a stolen necklace. Supermodel Pam and her roommate Salina fight like wild animals, using feminine instincts as their weapons in this superb amateur female wrestling match! ...More about Seething Sisters


Barn Storm

Mixed/Coed Wrestling
Pam Ward vs Jeb
HQ Download

Download: SK-65-01
 Video/DVD: Barn Storm

The every sexy Pam Ward is in the ring to battle Jeb in a hot mixed wrestling match. As the match starts, she removes her dress, revealing her exquisite and fit body to the camera. She fights dirty and kicks him in the groin, but Jeb bounces back to rain destruction on this gorgeous creature. Only Pam’s ruthless nature helps her win this one, as she again attacks Jeb’s vitals in a scary finish!...More about Barn Storm

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Items Found: 30

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