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Women’s Wrestling Movie #TAA-00B-1

Women’s Wrestling Movie Circa 1980’s
Featuring: Magnificent Mimi, Flame, The Farmers Daughter, Sue Sexton and Lisa
Part 1

Download: TAA-00B-01
 Video/DVD: Women’s Wrestling Movie #TAA-00B-1

From our Private Collection, Steel Kittens brings you American Angels Movie Circa 1980’s. Lisa is the newest member of the infamous all-female wrestling team. As the new kid, she has to fight for respect, and recognition and …her man. Featuring, Magnificent Mimi, Flame, The Farmers Daughter, Lisa and Sue Sexton. These girls mean business when they enter the ring! Enjoy!...More about Women’s Wrestling Movie #TAA-00B-1


Cats Attack

Women’s Wrestling – Topless Domination
Jade vs. Nicole O.
HQ Download

Download: sk-317-02
 Video/DVD: Cats Attack

Nicole, an Asian goddess poses in the ring in a dazzling leopard print bikini. Her women's wrestling opponent is a sleek and sultry masked woman, who is out to torture the beautiful long haired goddess. Nicole thinks its all fun and games till the masked woman slams her hard to the floor. The Cat Attack begins with hair pulling, stomach punching, slaps and body slams. Nicole is pounced upon, clawed and mauled by the masked woman. With standing back breakers, bear hugs and torture holds, the ma...More about Cats Attack


Pro Steel

Professional Women's Wrestling
Sue Sexton vs. Hollywood
HQ Download

Download: SK-CVP-22-01
 Video/DVD: Pro Steel

Sue’s mastery of holds turns Hollywood’s trim body into a punching bag. A crushing reverse cradle leaves one fighter heaving with the agony of defeat in this hot professional women's wrestling match! ...More about Pro Steel


Tsunami Slam

Professional Women's Wrestling
Riptide Vs Sue Sexton
HQ Download

Download: SK-139-01
 Video/DVD: Tsunami Slam

Two of the best ever to enter a ring match up to do battle in this exciting professional women's wrestling match! This is a "shooting match" where no punches are pulled. The mat becomes a real torture chamber as strong Riptide and technical Sue unleash mayhem. The ref is busy keeping both women fighting clean, as this is indeed a brutal fight to the finish. The ring shakes with pounding falls as Sue and Riptide collide, mauling and mangling their way to a surprising ending! ...More about Tsunami Slam


Ring Thunder Series: Mixed Wrestling

Mixed Wrestling - Pro Style - Topless
Kaos vs. Nicole O.
HQ Download

Download: sk-359-01
 Video/DVD: Ring Thunder Series: Mixed Wrestling

Mixed Wrestling fans, you are you in for a treat! There is truly nothing worse than a woman’s scorn! Kaos and Nicole are an item. Nicole has just found out that he hasn’t been out late with the boy’s training; he has been out late training on the female wrestlers! Nicole is pissed and goes totally ballistic on Kaos, who is much larger and doesn’t want to hurt his beautiful girl friend. We have never seen a woman so enraged as Nicole swarms him with a deluge of slaps to the face, kicks to the c...More about Ring Thunder Series: Mixed Wrestling


Pro Style Women's Wrestling - Domination

Pro Style Women's Wrestling - Domination
Sue Sexton vs Belle
HQ Download

Download: SK-134-01
 Video/DVD: Pro Style Womens Wrestling - Domination

This brutal pro style women's wrestling match between a pro champion and a gorgeous blonde amateur champion turns into the savage destruction and domination of a bikinied blonde. The Pro stomps her enemy into submission, kicks her chest, and mauls her opponent in every corner of the ring. ...More about Pro Style Women's Wrestling - Domination 


Grape Juice

Professional Women's Wrestling Match
Belle vs. Sue Sexton
HQ Download

Download: sk-201-1
 Video/DVD: Grape Juice

This professional women's wrestling match of a heart-pounding pair, a voluptuous Belle challenges Wrestling Champ Sue Sexton. Belle lets Sue know she has some “new moves”, but Sue hurls Belle into the corner ropes and works her over but good. Belle manages to clothesline Sue, and then smashes Sue’s chest and head, causing a woozy Sue to fall to the mat. Is gorgeous Belle inviting another beating? Sue misses a dropkick and Belle takes advantage with body slams and leg drops. A scrambling Sue gets...More about Grape Juice


Sunset Strip

Professional Women's Wrestling
Lady Victoria vs. Sue Sexton
HQ Download

Download: SK-CVP-21-01
 Video/DVD: Sunset Strip

Women's rrofessional wrestling lights the ring with Lady Victoria forcing Sue to get dirty as she realizes that she needs all her tricks to stay alive! ...More about Sunset Strip

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Items Found: 18

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