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Angels Quest

Women’s Wrestling
Fiorella Fuego aka "Dark Angel" vs. Valentina aka "Latina Heat"
HQ Download

Download: sk-296-01
 Video/DVD: Angels Quest

The gorgeous but deadly Dark Angel, is looking for a 2 out of 3 fall submission or knock out match with self proclaimed most dominate Latina of the sport, Ms. Latina Heat. With Dark Angels powerful kicks and legs and Latina Heats ring experience, this match is a knock out! There will only be one Dominate Latina at Steel Kittens! ...More about Angels Quest


Vintage Women's Wrestling 50's, 60's #VA-50-18

5 Vintage Pro Ladies Wrestling Matches
1. Penny Banner (blonde) vs. Jessica Rogers 2. Bambi Ball vs. Mona Baker (blonde) 3. Bambi Ball vs. Mary Jane Mull (blonde) 4. Evelyn Stevens (blonde) vs. Maria Deleon 5. Rita Boucher (short hair) & Barbara Owens vs. Patti Neilson & Lillian Ellison (Moolah)

Download: va-50-18-02
 Video/DVD: Vintage Womens Wrestling 50s, 60s  #VA-50-18

This Tape is loaded with history and brings you back in time to the 1950’s and 1960’s, considered the “Golden Age of Women’s Wrestling”. This tape reads like a Who’s Who of American Gal Grappling. You’ll see a host of famous stars! Like the bombshell blonde Brenda Scott. These matches are all silent and some of the were filmed by spectators at ringside with B&W 8mm film to video. Preserved forever in our Steel Kittens Vintage archives, a few of the 8mm transfers are a little faded by age, but w...More about Vintage Women's Wrestling 50's, 60's  #VA-50-18



Womens Wrestling | Pro Style
Valentina vs. Fire
HQ Download

Download: sk-264-1
 Video/DVD: Veracity

Primping prima donna, Valentina, has some sneaky tactics to battle the blonde big girl Fire. This Pro Style Womens Wrestling match is full of holds and Valentina gives Fire some serious competition, in this anything goes, no ref match!! ...More about Veracity 


Vintage 70’s, 80’s & 90’s Tape V-70-13

Vintage Professional Women’s Wrestling
1. Peggy Lee Leather & Penny Mitchell Vs Bambi & Velvet McIntyre 2. Terri Power Vs Black Venus 3. Reggie Bennett & Sweet Georgia Brown Vs Linda Dallas & Kat LeRoux

Download: VA-70-13-02
 Video/DVD: Vintage 70’s, 80’s & 90’s   Tape V-70-13

V-70-13 has 4 Tag Team Matches, 1 Mixed Tag Team Match and 12 Pro Girls Matches

It’s the really big girls dominating this tape as Terri Pwer, Reggie Bennett. Comrade Orga, Black Venus and The Beast use their size and strength to pulverize their opponents. We also show a Japanese Title Match held in the USA and Terri Power battles Lady X for the Women’s World Championship in a bone crushing, pounding fight to the finish....More about Vintage 70’s, 80’s & 90’s   Tape V-70-13


Latina Heat

Women’s Professional Wrestling
Valentina aka “Latina Heat” vs. Raquel
HQ Download

Download: sk-284-01
 Video/DVD: Latina Heat

This women’s professional wrestling match pits blonde sex-pot Valentina against gorgeous pro women wrestler Raquel to determine the #1 contender for the title match with Onyx the “Warrior Queen”. Valentina aka “Latina Heat” has been training hard since her last match with Onyx, where Onyx squashed the pretty blonde. Valentina is determined to get the opportunity to take on Onyx, but now Raquel stands in the way. They are scheduled for a grueling, hardcore professional women’s wrestling match. Fi...More about Latina Heat


Vintage 80’s & 90’s – Tape VA70-7

Vintage Professional Women’s Wrestling
1. Misty Blue Sims & Heidi Lee Morgan vs Judy Martin & LeLani Kai 2. Penny Mitchell vs Olympia 3. Magnificent Mimi vs Susan Sexton (Title Bout) 4. Misty Blue Sims vs Kat LeRoux

Download: VA-70-7-03
 Video/DVD: Vintage 80’s & 90’s – Tape VA70-7

The ring is filled with beauty, talent, and determination as these wild women battle for titles, fame, and the pure pleasure of heaping hurt on a despised opponent. This vintage professional women’s wrestling compilation from the 80s and early 90s contains scenes of female fury featuring Magnificent Mimi, Sue Sexton, Bambi, and the powerhouse of them all--The Beast....More about Vintage 80’s & 90’s – Tape VA70-7


Twice the Vice

Pro Style Mixed Wrestling
Rex vs. Valentina
HQ Download

Download: sk-263-02
 Video/DVD: Twice the Vice

Rex thinks he has it over Valentina, till she delivers the first strike. with skill and savvy, Valentina is out to hurt Rex, and Rex is in for some pay back. the intense battle rages on back and forth with great punishing holds and skilled reversals. A powerful match that finally ends with a debilitating neck breaker! ...More about Twice the Vice


The Valentina Effect

Women’s Wrestling | Pro Beatdown | Grudge Match
Belle vs. Valentina
HQ Download

Download: sk-262-01
 Video/DVD: The Valentina Effect

Two beautiful women engage in a rivalry that has been going on for years. In the beginning Belle takes the control and has all the power only to lose everything years later to a highly skilled Valentina. This professional wrestling story has both fighters unmercifully beating their rivals to a bruised up bloody heap. If you like watching two sexy and beautiful girls in a brawling it out, you’ll love “The Valentina Effect”....More about The Valentina Effect


Women’s Wrestling | Domination

Women’s Wrestling | Domination
Valentina vs. Belle
HQ Download

Download: sk-268-01
 Video/DVD: Women’s Wrestling | Domination

Women's wrestling has a new comer, Valentina. Beautiful and talented, she is getting way more attention than Belle would like. Belle catches Valentina working out in her ring and decides now is the time to teach the rookie a lesson, and set the rules. What Valentina thinks is a training session turns out to be a brutal attack. This Rookie is out for the beating of her life from Belle, who shows Valentina whose the Boss. It will be a while before Valentina will regain her confidence after this p...More about Women’s Wrestling | Domination


The Champ

Professional Women’s Wrestling
Onyx aka "The Warrior Queen" vs. Valentina aka “Latina Heat”
HQ Download

Download: sk-286-01
 Video/DVD: The Champ

The Championship professional women’s wrestling match has finally been set, Onyx aka “The Warrior Queen” is the favorite. Valentina aka “Latina Heat” is the upstart under dog. Since the signing of the contract Valentina has kept her mouth running about how she is going to destroy Onyx. On the other hand Onyx, just scoffs at anything Valentina says. The Rules: Championship Belt Match. No Ref, Hardcore, First to Win Three Falls, 5 count Pin or Submission. Its Winner Take All! Today is the day...More about The Champ

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Items Found: 40

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