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Last Chance

Women’s Wrestling Squash Match
Onyx vs. Valentina
HQ Download

Download: SK-277-1
 Video/DVD: Last Chance

Onyx, a sexy and fit street fighter, is up for a big part in a wrestling movie and once again someone is in her way. That someone is Valentina a sexy high-class primadonna. Both women are very determined to get this roll. This audition is just for one and neither one will leave with out a fight. Valentina has no idea who she is up against, and is in for the beating of her life! One girl will never show her face around here again!...More about Last Chance


Collateral Damage

Professional Women’s Wrestling
Cheryl Rusa Vs Valentina
HQ Download

Download: SK-237-01
 Video/DVD: Collateral Damage

Cheryl “Lighting” Rusa, returns to do battle with sexy rising Star Valentina. Cheryl, quickly outs a crushing headlock on Valentina, but Valentina soon reverses. Cheryl uses her ring knowledge to dominate her opponent with savage clotheslines, snap mares, and then punishes her with some nasty hair pulling. The struggling youngster is booted in the face and kicked in the body as the ring reverberates with shrieks of pain. Valentina escapes; giant swings Cheryl, catapults her, pulls Cheryl’s hair ...More about Collateral Damage


Hard Core Hill

Professional Women's Wrestling
Valentina Vs Ebony Princess
HQ Download

Download: sk-236-01
 Video/DVD: Hard Core Hill

The Ebony Princess takes on blonde Valentina in a dominating and exciting professional women's wrestling battle! Valentina declares “I’m Number 1!” as she awaits the arrival of her foe--and what follows is a one sided beating for one of the girls. Valentina is dominating as she chokes Ebony and pulls her outside the ring. Ebony is then attacked by kicks and double axe handles on the tarp next to the ring. She cries out in pain when Valentina slams her into a metal wall.

After stompi...More about Hard Core Hill


Japanese-Tape WWO-9

Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling
1. Tenjin Masami Vs Penny Mitchell 2. Rimi Yokota & Lioness Asuka Vs Masked You & K. Matsumoto 3. Tarantula Vs Itsuki Yamazaki

Download: WWO-09-02
 Video/DVD: Japanese-Tape WWO-9

It’s the big strong girls against the quick and agile “Baby Dolls”. Penny Mitchell, Peggy Patterson & Peggy Lee are not welcomed by the angry “Women Warriors of the Orient” in this collection of Japanese professional women's wrestling action!...More about Japanese-Tape WWO-9


Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling VA-70-23

Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling from the late 80’s and early 90’s
Match #1 - Penelope Paradise vs. Malia Hosaka Match #2 - Baby Face Nellie vs. Jackie Moore Match #3 - Sandy Partlow vs. Candi Devine Match #4 - Penny Mitchell vs. Velvet McIntyre

Download: va-70-23-01
 Video/DVD: Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling VA-70-23

Get ringside with the Stars of Vintage Professional Women’s Wrestling! See Penelope Paradise, Malia, Candi Devine, Jackie Moore, Lisa Starr, Peggy Lee Leather and more, in Pro Girl Matches! Serious Pro Wrestling, Serious Action! 6 Girl Matches!...More about Vintage Women’s Professional Wrestling VA-70-23


Vintage 70’s, 80’s & 90’s – Tape VA70-12

Vintage Professional Women’s Wrestling
1. Candi Devine, Bambi, Peggy Lee Leather, Penelope Paradise, Penny Mitchell, Baby Face Nellie, Olympia, Lisa Starr, Sandy Partlow, Malia Hosaka, Jackie Moore, Ondi Austin, Velvet McIntyre, Denise Storm, and Lady Justice 2. Judy Martin Vs Tina Moretti 3. Reggie Bennett Vs Denise Storm 4. Terri Power Vs LeLani Kai 5. Malia Hosaka Vs Despina Montages

Download: va-70-12-01
 Video/DVD: Vintage 70’s, 80’s & 90’s – Tape VA70-12

This vintage professional women’s wrestling tape starts with a wild 15 girl Battle Royal in which 14 of the ladies go up and over the top rope and are eliminated. All of your favorite girls are on this video, showcasing all the glamour and hot action that brought women’s wrestling back into the sports scene from the middle 70s to the early 90s....More about Vintage 70’s, 80’s & 90’s – Tape VA70-12



Vintage Professional Women's Wrestling
Penny Mitchell VS Velvet McIntyre * Candi Devine & Rusty Thomas & LaGata VS Cheryl Rusa & Malia Hosaka & Sweet Georgia Brown * Ondi Austin VS Lisa Starr

Download: VA-70-3-3
 Video/DVD: VA70-3

In this vintage professional women's wrestling collection, you can enjoy early footage of the women who joined the sport in the 80s. Steel Kittens favorite Cheryl Rusa (Little Moe) appears in a tag match against sexy Candi Divine. You'll also see classic footage of stars Penny Mitchell and Velvet McIntyre....More about VA70-3


Classic Professional Women's Wrestling VA-50-3

Classic Professional Women's Wrestling
1. Early Dawn Vs Marie LaVerne 2. Debbie Combs & Mike Hubert Vs Kay Roberts & Roger Kirby (Mixed Tag) 3. Velvet McIntyre & Bob Brown Vs LeLani Kai & John King (Mixed Tag) 4. LeLani Kai & Woody Wilson Vs Penny Mitchell & Angelo Moska Jr. (Mixed Tag)

Download: VA-50-3-3-1
 Video/DVD: Classic Professional Womens Wrestling VA-50-3

In these classic professional women's wrestling matches, you'll see some rare mixed tag footage featuring Debbie Combs, Kay Roberts, Velvet McIntyre, and LeLani Kai. You'll also get to see glamorous girls of the Golden Era, including Early Dawn and Marie LaVerne....More about Classic Professional Women's Wrestling VA-50-3


Hard Core Hill

Two Professional Women's Wrestling Matches
Valentina Vs Ebony Princess & Desire Vs Nikki the NY Knockout

DVD Now Only: $19.95
 Video/DVD: Hard Core Hill

The Ebony Princess takes on blonde Valentina in a dominating and exciting professional women's wrestling battle. "I’m #1!" declares Valentina, and she sure proves it here in taking Ebony by surprise. Then dark haired beauty Desire challenges Nikkii, a larger girl with more experience in a pounding pro match. Desire is in no way intimidated by the more powerful Nikkii as they toil for superiority. Two great professional women's wrestling from Steel Kittens you won’t want to miss! ...More about Hard Core Hill


Vintage Professional Women's Wrestling VA-70-1

Vintage Professional Women's Wrestling
Sherri Martel Vs Madusa Miceli * Sherri Martel Vs Princess Jasmine * Penny Mitchell & Peggy Patterson Vs Velvet McIntyre & Desiree Peterson * Judy Martin & LeLani Kai Vs Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki * Sherri Martel Vs Madusa Miceli * Sherri Martel Vs Princess Jasmine * Penny Mitchell & Peggy Patterson Vs Velvet McIntyre & Desiree Peterson * Wendy Richter Vs Judy Martin

Download: VA-70-1_01
 Video/DVD: Vintage Professional Womens Wrestling VA-70-1

These vintage professional women's wrestling matches date from the middle 70s through the 80s and bring you female champions from a number of wrestling federations. These are real athletes and great beauties showing you the extreme toughness of the sport!...More about Vintage Professional Women's Wrestling VA-70-1

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Items Found: 40

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