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Power Trip

Mixed Wrestling
Raquel vs. Bill
HQ Download

Download: sk-293-1
 Video/DVD: Power Trip

This mixed wrestling match is filled with sexy holds and moves. Raquel in her micro bikini is not only gorgeous, but a confident fighter. Bill is her opponent, and they meet in the ring with a test of strengths. Raquel counter moves and drops Bill to the mat. Don’t let Raquel’s pretty and sexy looks fool you; this girl is strong and quick. She moves in and gives him what she calls stretching holds. Good thing Bill is somewhat flexible, as these holds are nasty! She then has Bill in seriously ...More about Power Trip



Mixed Wrestling
Fiorella Fuego vs. Arnie
HQ Download

Download: SK-292-01
 Video/DVD: Venganza

Arnie, the tough boy from the mid west and is out to show his revenge on women in this mixed wrestling match. He has picked the beautiful Fiorella Fuego. This gorgeous brunette is not afraid and can be a little hell cat! He is surprised at some of her vicious tricks, like raking his eyes and elbow japing the heck out of him. But he is all about pay back, with stomach punches, kicks and painful holds. The hell cat takes some real punishment as Arnie just lays into her. She fights back hard wit...More about Venganza


Black & Blue All Over You

Professional Women's Wrestling
Riptide vs. Fire
HQ Download

Download: sk-200-02
 Video/DVD: Black & Blue All Over You

Pro woman wrestler, the beautiful and powerful Riptide enters the ring. Fire, equally as powerful and beautiful, faces Riptide, holding her pet dog and mulling over many ideas on how to whip this fearsome opponent. Fire is ready for this and gives Riptide something to think about. Softening up Riptide, Fire applies chin-locks, scissors, kicks, stomps, slams, and tosses. Elbow drops fell the mighty Riptide and a smashing body slam sets her up for a quick pin. Riptide then goes to work on Fire and...More about Black & Blue All Over You


No Man's Land

Mixed Wrestling Match
Liz Lightspeed vs. Taavi
HQ Download

Download: sk-171-2
 Video/DVD: No Mans Land

Svelte Liz Lighting battles Taavi in 2 out of 3 fall mixed wrestling match. The first fall is all Taavi’s as Liz looks a little bewildered by Taavi’s quickness and strength. He catches her in a deadly sleeper hold and drops her lifeless body to the mat. Awakened by the bell, Liz becomes a changed animal in the next fall. She catapults Taavi, forces him into the turnbuckle, and smashes him with forearms and fists. This mixed wrestling madness races on to a Boston Crab finish as flailing arms...More about No Man's Land


Tough Enough - 2

Professional Women's Wrestling
BobCat vs. Cheryl Rusa
HQ Download

Download: SK-179-02
 Video/DVD: Tough Enough - 2

Cheryl Rusa tangles with a heavier blonde Bobcat and surprises her with her blinding speed and vast bag of holds. After Bobcat almost finishes little Cheryl off with some severe corner punishment, Cheryl catches a moaning Bobcat in a figure 4 headlock and the blonde gives up. Fall 2 has a vengeful Bobcat making short work of Cheryl as she throat chops her time and again and then climbs the ropes and batters Cheryl’s unprotected stomach. The little brunette lies motionless on the mat. As the last...More about Tough Enough - 2


Japanese-Tape WWO-20

Japanese Professional Women's Wrestling
1. Yuki Ikeshita & Mami Kumano Vs Nancy Kumi & Victoria Fujimi 2. Nancy Kumi & Victoria Fujimi Vs LeLani Kai & Yuki Ikeshita 3. Tomie Aoyama Vs Yuki Ikeshita

Download: WWO-20-01
 Video/DVD: Japanese-Tape WWO-20

At the height of her career, Fabulous Moolah brings in Joyce Grable, Vickie Williams, Winona Little Heart, Judy Martin and LeLani Kai, all with blonde hair, to challenge the talented stars of Japanese professional women's wrestling. They win a few, but mostly learn how tough and talented these brutal Japanese girls really are....More about Japanese-Tape WWO-20



Vintage Professional Women's Wrestling
Penny Mitchell VS Velvet McIntyre * Candi Devine & Rusty Thomas & LaGata VS Cheryl Rusa & Malia Hosaka & Sweet Georgia Brown * Ondi Austin VS Lisa Starr

Download: VA-70-3-3
 Video/DVD: VA70-3

In this vintage professional women's wrestling collection, you can enjoy early footage of the women who joined the sport in the 80s. Steel Kittens favorite Cheryl Rusa (Little Moe) appears in a tag match against sexy Candi Divine. You'll also see classic footage of stars Penny Mitchell and Velvet McIntyre....More about VA70-3


Vintage 50’s & 60’s – Women's Wrestling A50-B

classic vintage women’s professional wrestling tag team match
Mae Young and Eva Lee vs. Theresa Theiss and Violet Vian

Download: A50-B-1
 Video/DVD: Vintage 50’s & 60’s – Womens Wrestling A50-B

A classic vintage women’s professional wrestling tag team match from the 50’. Mae Young, in the checkered suit, and the blonde, Eva Lee, in black vs. the blonde, Theresa Theiss, in black, and Violet Vian, the “Little Tiger” in a stripe suit. These girls are really on the ball in this one fall, 45-minute time limit tag team match. One fall and it’s all over! Both teams are out for the win, and stop at nothing to punish and wear their opponents down, in this action packed match. Loaded with grea...More about Vintage 50’s & 60’s – Women's Wrestling A50-B


Female Wrestling

Female Wrestling
Pam Manning Vs. Andy
HQ Download

Download: SK-9-01-01
 Video/DVD: Female Wrestling

These gorgeous hard body wrestling girls hold nothing back in the Steel Kittens ring. Scantily clad in sparkling attire, they leave very little to the imagination--except for their furious ring prowess, which will always keep you guessing! HOT amateur female wrestling action!...More about Female Wrestling 


Female Wrestling

Female Wrestling
Sasha Vs. Salina
HQ Download

Download: SK-9-02-01
 Video/DVD: Female Wrestling

These gorgeous hard body bikini wrestling girls hold nothing back in the Steel Kittens ring. Scantily clad in sparkling attire, they leave very little to the imagination. But you can be sure their furious ring prowess will always keep you guessing! Incredible amateur female wrestling action!...More about Female Wrestling 

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Items Found: 50

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