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"Overcome by the Heat"

Valentina aka “Latina Heat” vs. Fiorella Fuego “Dark Angel”

Women's Wrestling

Approx. Run Time 41 min.

Latina Heat just got back from Mexico, brushing up on her wrestling skills after taking a beating from the Dark Angel, in their last women’s wresting championship match. She is back to claim her role as “Lady Latina”, but soon finds out that since she is no longer the champion, she has lost the role to the Dark Angel, who has been riding high as the number one Latina. Valentina is out to claim back her belt, all the modeling jobs Dark Angel has stolen and her role as “Lady Latina”. The Dark Angel finds Latina Heat taking over her promo shoot. Dark Angel soon claims that she will run Valentina out and the fight begins.

Both rushing in, Valentina soon gets the upper hand on the hung-over Fuego, slamming her from pillar to post, ripping out her hair, delivering brutal kicks and punches to the head and stomach. Latina Heat is enraged and this woman’s wrestling match turns into more of street fight. The Dark Angel finds herself trapped in the ropes, and is bleeding from a cut over her eye. Valentina is ready for the kill.

The Dark Angel knows she had better get it together or lose everything. She rally’s up and soon has Valentina trapped in the corner and pounds her with kicks, and punches. The Dark Angel wants to finish it and goes in with her flying angel kick. Latina Heat dodges her attempt and rains kicks on Fuego, driving her back into the corner. Latina Heat has had enough and just destroys the beautiful Dark Angel. Bruised, Valentina is not yet satisfied. She decides to turn up the heat and crushes the already defeated Fuego between her silky thighs. The Dark Angel is out and defeated. Latina Heat claims her belt, her championship and her role as “Lady Latina”. The Dark Angel has lost everything. Overcome by the Heat, and is left sobbing on the ring floor.

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Overcome by the Heat
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Valentina aka “Latina Heat” vs. Fiorella Fuego “Dark Angel”
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Approx. Run Time 34 min.

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Streaming Video Available hii_sk-301-01 Streaming Video Match featuring: Valentina aka “Latina Heat” vs. Fiorella Fuego “Dark Angel”
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